XY to the Power of Infinity




Our travel program will provide the opportunity for youth to travel outside of their communities, free of charge, through educational field trips, domestic travel and international travel. Highlighted by its Passport Program, that will assist in the effort of ensuring that every young person has a passport, students will also benefit from learning about other cultures through language, music, foods, etc.




Our entrepreneur program will assist youth in realizing their dreams to become business owners through mentorships, internships, financial literacy and other programs that will teach them how to start their own businesses. We will also provide literature that will aid in educating students on the business and financial world.




Our public speaking program will help youth find their voices and articulate their messages clearly through training from seasoned speakers. Students willl have the opportunity to enter oratory contests, join debate team, give public addresses to the community and listen to some of our world's best speakers.



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