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Many people told me that I was crazy for taking my long foot-trek from Los Angeles to San Francisco in support of my foundation, but I truly believe that when someone is calling you crazy (in the proper context), then maybe you are doing something special. And what I am doing, I believe is special which is why I am doing my first annual "Walk to Greatness" journey. The "Walk to Greatness" will be in support of my 501 c3 organization XY to the Power of Infinity aimed to expose inner city youth to the idea of travel, business ownership, and public speaking. The idea is to develop these young men and women to be change agents in their communities. Monies raised will go towards funding trips (domestically and abroad), providing financial literature, training and development, facilities,mentoring, internships, etc.for these young men and women ranging from 6 years to 18 years of age.


I believe that greatness is a result, and as it was stated in a book I read "greatness ensues" meaning that it is a product from the things we do. So I aim to do the best in all that I do and let the greatness follow, because I learned that I do not have to chase greatness, because it will follow.


What do I personally plan to take away from this trip? I plan to come away with a heightened sense of endurance from a long trip - from a physical and mental perspective. I hope to gain an appreciation for those willing to go to great lengths for causes that matter. Symbolically, this will represent me paving a trail of great so that others could find the way to greatness.


What I hope for others to take away is that they be willing to make the experiences in their lives, and take advantage of the time they have on this earth. I want people to not be afraid of the journeyof life for it is only a compilation of calculated steps, missteps, and great steps (steps we have to be willing to take nonetheless.)