XY to the Power of Infinity


XY to the Power of Infinity (XYP) is 501c3 not-for-profit organization that is geared to "eliminate mental enclosure through exposure," by introducing innercity youth of East St. Louis, Illinois, to the world of travel, business ownership and public speaking.


Founded on these three pillars, XYP will use its resources to provide a variety of programs and educational tools to ensure that we are adequately preparing our youth for the future. Our programs will develop much needed leadership and life skills.


XYP is committed to serving the underprivileged youth by expanding their horizons and exposing these children to opportunities less afforded to them.




Our mission is to empower and develop future leaders through exposure to travel, being entrepreneurs and public speaking.


Our Vision:


Our vision is to witness a reinvigorated community that is self-sustaining with thriving businesses, enhanced community relations, redeveloped infrastructure and committed community leaders.


XYP is more than just a leadership forum. It will give our youth a new way of thinking about life, a new way of envisioning life and a new way of experiencing life.




About Us

Tel. 888.310.6475   Email. info@xypinfinity.org